Heavy Duty Kubota Tractor Oil Filter B & G Series 7000-15241 70000-74034 15841-32430

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Heavy Duty Kubota Tractor Oil Filter that use the following OEM numbers.

Kubota 7000-15241, 70000-74034, 7665025430, 70000-15241, 15241-32090, 1528711490, 15841-32430, 15241-32099, 1584132430


Kubota B1550, B1550 HST, B1550HST, B1700, B1700DT, B1700HSD, B1750, B1750HST, B20, B21, B2100, B2100DT, B2150, B2150 HST, B2150HST, B2400, B2400DT, B2400HSD, B4200, B4200DT, B5100, B5200, B6000, B6100, B6100HST, B6200, B6200 HST, B6200HST, B7100, B7100HST, B7200, B7200HST, B7300HSD, B8200, B8200HSD, B8200HSE, B8200HST, B9200, B9200HST, G1700, G1800, G1800F, G1900, G2000, G3200, G4200, G4200H, G5200H, G6200H